YA author Simone Elkeles producing mini-reality series, Wild Cards


No, your eyes have not deceived you. Simone Elkeles forgoes a regular book trailer and produces mini-reality series, WILD CARDS. The mini-reality series is based on her new YA book, WILD CARDS and follows Freemont High Rebel football stars – Victor, Jet, Trey, Landon, Ashtyn and Derek, which are also the main characters in her book.

Take a look at the first episode.

We think this idea is a new and innovative way to promote a book and after watching the first episode are thoughts ran from, omg he’s cute, when do we get to see Ashtyn kick the ball, omg he’s in high school, we need the scene with the purple dye, WHERE WAS SIMONE AND HER BOOKS WHEN WE WERE IN HIGH SCHOOL??

3 Responses to “YA author Simone Elkeles producing mini-reality series, Wild Cards”

  1. Mandi Kaye says:

    I… don’t like it.

    I would if it didn’t misrepresent itself.

    This is clearly scripted and badly acted.

    It’s no “reality” series.

    Nitpicky? Maybe. But it leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

  2. Stacy says:

    I tote get your point, though I think it’s understood that it’s a “reality” series and not a reality series – another way to look at it is a longer book trailer.

    And a way of brining the book to life, and a great way to snag those elusive reluctant readers.

  3. Cassidy says:

    Oh My gosh! I’m so addicted already! I LOVE Victor he is definitely my favorite. I mean, don’t get me wrong I like everyone else just fine, but Victor is just awesome.

    I love how Jet talks in the 3rd person about himself sometimes, I love Trey, he is quick to defend his family and that’s admirable. And Monika is adorable. Ashtyn needs to workout more, bulk up a little bit so that she isn’t getting taken out at practice. Landon needs to pull his head out of his backside and realize that he may be quarterback but that doesn’t make him king.

    All in all, they pretty much sound like my school’s team. Haha. Can’t wait to watch more!

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