Book Lovers Gift Giving Guide 2013

The season of goodwill and merriment is upon us, and with that comes caroling, wassailing, mega amounts of seasonal treats that add five-pounds to your waistline and, you guessed it, gift giving.

While we know that finding the perfect present can be daunting, have no fear for we have a perfect list of bookish ideas for those who are constantly reading a book, you know, those that talk non-stop about fictional characters as if they were real.

Book Lovers Gift Giving Guide 2013

Be a character in the next Joe Ledger novel!
That’s right, over on eBay Jonathan Mayberry is offering the chance for the highest bidder to be a character in his next Joe Ledger novel, PREDATOR ONE (2015). The winner gets to pick whether they want to be a member of Joe’s Echo Team or be a villain. The great thing about this, all the money collected will go to Steve Niles, a comic book writer who has had his home damaged by a flood.

due date notebooksLibrary due date card notepad.
Y’all. We love these notepads, and while the top cards aren’t original due date cards, they are so stinkin’ cute that we’re sure any bibliophile would love to have one.

Library book embosser
Book lovers everywhere have lovingly loaned out books to have them never returned, put a stop to that by gifting a book embosser. Remember provenance is 9/10 of the law. (we just made that up, feel free to make it viral.)

geeks guide to datingThe Geek’s Guide to Dating by Eric Smith
We all have that one bookish friend who’s on the geeky side, you know, the one who’s a constant gamer and refers to friends by their gamertags.  Help them find their other half by gifting this hilarious, but spot-on dating guide. The best part, you can read it before you pass it along. Just make sure you don’t drop spaghetti sauce on it.
dont judgeDon’t Judge a Book by its Movie
Made using a vintage dictionary page and digital print, book lovers will eat this cute little mini-poster up. Because all book lovers have at least one (or twenty) movies they feel did not do a novel justice.
Book quote pillow
This seller on etsy has an array of crisp white pillow cases with printed bookish sayings, and the best part, they can do custom orders too.

folded book image via explodedlibrarycomMake it homemade
They say the best gifts are homemade gifts, therefore you too can make this simple, yet artsy center piece. Just take a book and start folding pages. Pinterest is loaded with great ideas, as is youtube. Don’t forget your bone folder.

We just love this place. The ability to choose or create custom cases/covers for almost any device is way creative. Think of all the bookish possibilities!

Brick-booksBook bricks bookends (or whatnot)
Another crafty idea, take old bricks and make bookish books ends. Watch this video on how-to and then channel your inner Picasso and create.


library letters
Library letters
These simple, yet gorgeous letters from Anthropologie are so want worthy that we suggest snatching them up while you can. They are versatile and can go with almost any décor, and the great thing about them, they’re upcycled.

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  1. Love these ideas – my faves are the notebook and the letters.

  2. Shari Green says:

    Oooh, so much awesome stuff! Thanks for all the cool links.

  3. Amanda says:

    Oh, I like those library letters! I’m sure my cats would too! ;)

  4. Awesome! The letters and the book bricks are my favorites. Great ideas!

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