Inhale, Exhale by Sarah M. Ross – Excerpt & Giveaway

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Jillian had a plan: celebrate the end of her first year of college with an amazing summer full of beaches, barbeques, and bonfires. When her mom insists she needs a summer job, and her boyfriend spends more time with his band than with her, Jillian’s plans go down the drain. 

Grant had a plan: finish his Masters, get a great job at Google, and get the hell out of Georgia. He might be giving up some of the fun of his youth, but he knows his all work and no play method would be worth it when his dreams came true.

But things never go according to plan. 

When temptation brings them together and tragedy tears them apart, Jillian and Grant will be forced to choose: fight for their dreams, or fight for each other.


Excerpt of Awesome:

I set my phone back in my purse and was about to start the car when I heard a tap at the window. When I turned, Grant was standing beside my car.

I rolled down the car window and he bent down, resting his forearms on the window edge. “Jesus Christ you scared me!”

“Sorry about that, Cupcake. I saw you sitting here and wanted to make sure you were okay. You’re not having car trouble or anything are you?”

I shook my head, trying not to look at his bright green eyes or how his biceps bulged as he leaned his weight on them. “No, I’m fine. I was texting someone before I left.”

“Oh, okay. Good. Glad you’re okay.”

I smiled, but didn’t say anything. A breeze drifted over him, sending Grant’s scent directly to me. It was intoxicating, like cloves and fresh-cut grass mixed with a little ocean salt air. I wanted to breathe it in for hours. I unconsciously leaned my head toward him, breathing deeply.

“Do you…” he whispered, trailing his words off.

I sat up straight, realizing I was practically now laying my head on his arm. “I’m so sorry, I’m just tired,” I mumbled, mortified by what I’d done. “I need to go.”

I had no idea what he was about to say, but I knew whatever it was, I would’ve had a hard time saying no. And I needed to leave before he asked again.

I expected him to stand back up and leave, but he didn’t move. Instead, his brows pinched together like he was contemplating something very deeply. I wanted to run my finger between them and straighten the little crease that formed. I licked my lips, leaning in again. He tilted his head down toward me, bringing us closer still. Inviting me. Daring me.

We were so close that our breath mingled together, a bouquet of mint and cherry soda. My eyes slid shut, praying he was brave enough for that final step, because I wasn’t. I could still feel his hot breath on my face, enveloping every one of my senses until I was hyper alert to even the slightest movement. The rustle of the trees, the hum of engines, the thunderous boom of my heart, the slight whimper that escaped my lips. His face was so close to mine, his lips hovered millimeters above mine. We were almost kissing. Almost touching.


But neither of us moved.  We were locked in position where we neither wanted to be but weren’t willing to admit it. It was the sexiest game of chicken I’d ever played.

But he lost, or maybe I did, as he stepped back to put distance between us once more.

“I’m… I shouldn’t…Grant, about tonight…” I didn’t know what I was going to say, but it wasn’t necessary. Grant interrupted.

“Go get some rest. You earned it.” He leaned into the car so his lips grazed my cheeks ever so gently. “Goodnight, Cupcake.”

I clutched the steering wheel to keep my mischievous hands from grabbing him and dragging him into the car with me.

“Well, have a good night,” I told him, and started the car.

He looked like he wanted to say something, but he didn’t. Instead, he tapped twice on my door and stood back up, rocking back on his heels. “I’ll see you tomorrow, Jillian. Drive safely.”

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  1. Danielle P says:

    I’m all for New Adult and this story seems like something I’d love to read!

  2. Jassie says:

    I have book blogger friends who had read this already and I received good response about this book and I am excited to read it myself! And the NA genre is getting known (even Amazon put up a link for it) :D

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