So, you want your toddler to read Jane Eyre?

If you have young children like us, then listen up. We’re talking with Baby Lit author Jennifer Adams!!

Baby Lit is an early introduction to the world of classic literature.  Titles include Alice in Wonderland: A Colors Primer, Little Miss Bronte Jane Eyre, Little Miss Austen: Pride & Prejudice: A Counting Primer and more!!

These board books are a must for any toddler and preschoolers’ library!


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3 Responses to “So, you want your toddler to read Jane Eyre?”

  1. Nicole says:

    These titles are absolutely adorable. <3 I own the JANE EYRE and the ALICE IN WONDERLAND ones just because they're so darn cute.

  2. Lisa says:

    I LOOOOOVE this idea!

  3. My daughter (2) just LOVES her Pride and Prejudice counting primer and also Jane Eyre! They are the “go to” books in our house!

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