Interview with Tina Reber & KINDLE FIRE GIVEAWAY!!

Love Unscripted is THE REASON I may pick up a book by a self-published author once in a while!

Several years ago I had the extreme pleasure of reading Love Unscripted by Tina Reber.  She was a self published author but I was in the mood for a romance novel and she was in the mood to have someone read her book.  It was a match made in heaven.  I LOVED Love Unscripted and even made Nancy read it too. (Yes, she loved it!)  Soooo…here we are and guess what book is available now that I have waited YEARS to read!?!  Love Unrehearsed, the conclusion to Ryan and Taryn’s romance,  is available for you to order NOW!!  You HAVE to read it and you HAVE to love Tina as much as we do.  Well, almost as much.  She is hilarious and is a very talented romance writer!!  ANDDDDD… if you happen to read our names in the book when you start Chapter 19 of Love Unrehearsed , welllll….that is indeed based off of us.  *jumps up and down!* *jumps up and down again!*  It can’t get much better than that.

We are SO THRILLED that Love Unrehearsed is finally out for us to read!! Can you tell us what we can expect with Ryan and one of my favorite heroines, Taryn? Any half vampire babies we should worry about? Tell me handcuffs are involved. Errr….
No handcuffs, but there is a scene involving a long string of Christmas tree lights, so that’s all I’m saying on that.  Handcuffs will be in the next book I release.

What can you expect in Love Unrehearsed?  Well, you know that part in all new relationships when you know you are “with” the other person, you feel somewhat secure, you stop trying so hard to impress, and your true colors come out?  We have some of that going on.  Ryan and Taryn are becoming comfortable with each other and therefore Ryan’s alpha traits start to really surface – the protector, the jealous boyfriend, the grumpy guy.   He’s no longer skirting around the edges.  He’s committed – completely – and now the rest of his personality has freedom to emerge.

Taryn also is feeling her way, trying to find her place in Ryan’s celebrity world.   She’s in love, he’s the man she’s chosen, so it’s “make it or break it” time.

Usually (in most romance sequels) there are one of a few standard plot drivers: the love triangle, the “other” guy, and/or the break up reunion.  I didn’t want any of that.

Personally, I hate cheaters.  Infidelity is a hard thing to overcome because once that trust is broken, there’s always going to be that niggle of doubt.  Same thing with breaking up.  If you had the nerve to break my heart once, there’s a darn good chance you’ll do it again.  Love Unscripted ended with Ryan angry and questioning bringing someone like Taryn into his world of crazy.   They never broke up but it got close, and in the very end, Ryan made his choice: he followed his heart and chose Taryn.

But just like most folks, there is still a world revolving around you.  Friends, family – brings its own set of drama and unfortunate heartache.  Taryn and Ryan have to navigate their way through it, and grow with each step.

And then the zombies come, eat the vampires, massacre the villagers, and fight the aliens.  Darn, I just gave the ending away.

Oh wait!  Before I forget… Shannan and Nancy from Girls in the Stacks are characters in Love Unrehearsed with dialogue and everything!  Why?  Because you were THE FIRST blog to give me a chance when I was a brand spankin’ newbie and it’s my way of saying “thank you” for taking a chance on me.

Do we get to see a happily ever after for Taryn and Ryan (say yes!!) in this book or do we have another book to look forward to?
It’s a romance – of course there is a HEA (for you non-author/blogger types, those are the initials for happily ever after – you know…the part of the story when the birds sing, the flowers bloom, and the credits roll?)   I have put Taryn and Ryan through so much; I’d have to beat my brain to come up with more drama.  Speaking of drama – I just want everyone to know that I wrote the book first before all these famous people went and did what was written in my book.  I’m eyeballing you, Kstew, and Prince William and Princess Kate and your paparazzi drama.  Yeah, you know you’re all guilty.  I told you so.  I warned everyone how those darn photographers are with getting into your business.  No one ever listens.

I don’t want to give any spoilers away – but a certain someone hooks up with another someone and now my readers are begging for their story to be told.  I hadn’t planned on it, but I am certainly considering it now.  Um, but later – I have four other novels started.  I’m like a dyslexic cat on sugar sometimes with my writing.

Congrats, Tina!! We heard you got signed with a fantastic publisher!! Tell us about that experience.
I was sitting in my favorite writing chair, minding my own business, when I opened up an email from Amy at Atria Books, which is a division of Simon and Schuster.  About five words in, she wrote “hungrily devoured” – referencing her reading experience to Love Unscripted.   Soon after that, I freaked out.  I had coffee breath, hadn’t showered yet, and I was staring at an email from S&S to ME.   I think I screamed for my husband right after that.  My 8 year old son asked what was wrong and then ordered me to make him a sandwich.

You have to understand, I NEVER sent a query letter to an agent in my life.   I was happy and content being an indie self-published author.  I had sold over 90,000 copies of Love Unscripted on my own and was enjoying my own level of success.  That’s huge in the self-pub world.   I was working with Dystel & Goderich Literary Management in NYC on getting some foreign rights and translations for my work, but that was it.

And then Amy came along, telling me they were interested in both books.  She knows she had me at “hungrily devoured” because I told her so, but really it was a huge decision.  Was I ready to partner with a publisher?  Because that’s what it is – it’s all about collaboration.  It can also be almost like inviting another cook into your kitchen when you’ve got the meal all planned out.  If you’re used to doing things on your own like I am, it’s a definite change but one that I was willing to make.

And I know with every fiber of my being that Atria Books and I are going to accomplish things together that I would not have been able to achieve on my own.

We must say, we look forward to all the hot random guys you post David James Gandy by d-gandy.tumblr.comon your Facebook page. (Don’t tell our husbands!!) Do people send you pictures of guys they would like you to feature?
I’m probably breaking rules somewhere but I have this thing about cute guys.  It started out with my obsession to find look-alikes for the characters I was reading in everyone else’s novels.  I like to photobomb my fellow authors with my picks for their characters and it sort of blossomed from there.  Readers love it!  You all want to know what HE looks like, don’t you?  Of course you do. You want to see for yourself the dark hair or dimples when he smiles, or that chest the heroine of the story was touching for eighty pages.   And I just so happen to have mad photo-finding skills.  Resourceful – it’s on my resume.

Since the majority of my following on Facebook is female, I now like to offer a “Random Hot Guy of the Day” just to add some brightness to the world.  I’m not sure that these guys are real, as they are sort of like UFOs captured on film, but I have hope that the cute guys really exist on our planet and aren’t just Photoshopped.

If Mr. Reber ever saw what’s on my 8-gig thumb drive, I’d probably be in big trouble, so I’m counting on all of you to keep this our secret.   OUR SECRET, ladies!  Remember that!  Zip it and pinky-swear.

Some FB friends post pictures on my page, but no, I have my own resources for finding the cute guys.  I’m still holding out for Tobias Cameroon to call.  I don’t think he speaks English, but I honestly don’t care.  I’m pretty sure I can understand hand signals.

What are you working on now? Another romance? *fingers crossed*
Readers were wondering why it took me so long to publish Love Unrehearsed, and that’s because I have two other very hot alpha guys shouting their stories in my head.  I have about 150 pages of two different books written, and I have first chapters drafted for another two.

My readers might know the troublemaking bodyguard from LU1 and LU2 – Kyle Trent.  Well, I’ve given him three brothers – Adam, Jason, and Michael – which will make up the Trent Brother series.  Each book will be more or less stand-alone, but it will be best to read them in order as characters and storyline will flow through all three books.

Adam’s book, with a working title “Jacked” is going to be the next book I publish.  This one has been fun to write, as I’m writing it in dual 1st person, past tense.  Adam and our leading lady, Dr. Erin Novak, switch narration every other chapter.  It has been a blast writing as a man!  We all know how much we craved Stephenie Meyer to finish Midnight Sun just to hear Edward’s POV.   I love writing as Adam and I am so in love/hot for him I hope you all will be too.  This is an Adult Romance, touching upon the BD side of BDSM, since the topic is no longer taboo.  We explore the bondage and domination side of things without the damaged souls at the core of the characters.   It just makes for spicier um…. sex.

And before you judge on the BD stuff, you find me one woman who wouldn’t want her partner to just KNOW instead of fumbling around, trying stuff and asking annoying questions along the way.  “What?  Do you need a map and an Indian guide?  Just do it.  If you ask me ‘do you like that, baby?’ one more time I just might smack you.”   Sorry… momentary rant.  I’m better now.

What are you reading now? *prepares Kindle to immediately download all suggestions*
I just tore through the fabulous “Slammed” and “Point of Retreat” by Colleen Hoover, fell in love with TJ from “On the Island” by Tracey Garvis-Graves.  Today I downloaded “Ceaseless” by Abbi Glines.  And I have John Green’s “The Fault in our Stars” and the current #1 on Kindle – “On Dublin Street” by indie author Samantha Young cued up on my Kindle Fire.

Right now, I’m answering all of my wonderful readers as they leave me their touching thoughts on Love Unrehearsed.  My Facebook page is like a hippie love fest.  I love it!

Thank you, TINA!!! We just love you and are so happy for your success!! You deserve it and we are blessed to know you when…  HUGS!!!

When what?  Last week or ten minutes ago, when we were just a bunch of crazy book lovers?  Yeah, nothing’s changed, ladies. Hugs right back atcha!

BUY IT NOW AT: amazon & barnes & noble

*****GIVEAWAY!!!***** GIVEAWAY!!!***** GIVEAWAY!!!*****

The Giveaway:
Tina Reber has graciously given us a Kindle Fire to offer one of our lucky readers. You heard us, a KINDLE FIRE. Just think of all the reading possibilities on one of these babies.  We do however expect you to download Love Unscripted and Love Unrehearsed. And like us and Tina on Facebook.  Oh, and on twitter.  And wave to us if you happen to see us one day.

The Rules:
•  OPEN in US only
•  Must fill out the form correctly
•  Must be 18 years old or older to enter
•  Winner will be determined by Random Number Generator
•  Winner will be notified via email and will have 48 hours to respond before a new winner is chosen
•  Kindle Fire will be mailed directly from Amazon from the author
•  Giveaway ends October  5, 2012 at 11:59PM CEN



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  1. Let’s hear it for the authors who believe in their material enough to self-publish. Huzzah!

  2. Nicole says:

    Wow!! Great interview with my favorite author. I am so happy and proud of her success . I look forward to more books to come. Congrats again, and thanks for the insight from the interview!! Loved it.. xo

  3. lissette says:

    Awesome interview! I cant wait for her other books she is an amazing author!

  4. Judy DeVries says:

    I reviewed Love Unscripted last week and loved it. After reading the sample chapters of Love Unrehearsed I was struggling with wanting to read it and continue the story but I have a pile of books to review and also have a proofreading business. I read a few books but none of them filled the void, I know that sounds odd but with most books they go to the back of my mind when I start to read the next one, Love Unscripted stayed up front. Last night my friend gifted me with Love Unrehearsed for my birthday and I jumped right into it. Tina has done a fabulous job on making her characters come to life and turning my computer chair into a roller coaster as my emotions are up and down right along with the characters.

  5. Sonya says:

    I loved these books, I couldn’t put them down. I waited until LU2 came out before reading the first one because it wouldv’e killed me to wait. Which I’m not very good at. Thank You Tina for writing these books, they are books that I’ll read over and over again!

  6. Tina is pretty darn special!!
    @Sonya – I like to do the same thing sometimes because I hate to wait too!!
    @Judy – Happy Birthday!!!!

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  8. SJ says:

    I <3 TINA REBER! Your writing is amazing. I truly look forward to everything you ink to paper. I wish you success in all you dream up.

  9. Brandy Rocha says:

    I have liked both you as well as Mrs. Tina and follow her on twitter.. :)
    Almost done with the second book right now and LOVE it!

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