If Kiera Cass Were Queen for a Day…

We are thrilled to be a part of The Selection blog tour!!  After reading the book, that is now going to be a television show, we couldn’t help but wonder about the author herself.  In a book full of romance, wealth, and royalty we had to ask Kiera what she would do if she were queen for a day.



If Kiera Cass Were Queen for a Day…

If I were queen for a day, I think I’d like to have all the things any other girl would want… but   probably in ridiculous ways. Like, yes, I would want a new wardrobe. But I think all of it would have to be based off of Jay McCarroll’s final collection from the first season of Project Runway. I love the colors! Oh, and complete with the giant headphones please. I’d just glue my tiara to the top of them and call it a day.

And yes, I need to be pampered. So please schedule my manicure… to be done by Robert Pattinson. I’m a thousand percent sure he’d do a crappy job, but at least he’d be holding my hand. So I’m cool. And I’m queen, so if I really need to point at something, I’ll use my scepter. Or I’ll get one of my minions to do it.

And I’ve said before that our national debt could be fixed with a really awesome bake sale. I stand by that. So you can bet I’d be making some serious cupcakes that day. I’d probably buy a lot too. I am six months pregnant after all. Er, I mean, I care about the country…

Speaking of being pregnant, is there a way I could hire someone to carry Baby Girl for a day? I love her and all, but she’s kicking my bones! I could use a break. Someone find me a baby carrier.

I would also like to do what the princesses in movies do and have animals just come to help me out during the day. But since I live in rural Virginia… it would probably be mostly cows. So. Yeah.

I guess that’s about it. And really, besides not having Rob to come hold my hand or cows to mop my floors, I’ve got it pretty good anyway. Can’t complain.


This girl is quite witty if you ask us.  We may just have to join her at the manicure station, we mean, we still have a thing for Rob too.  Who doesn’t?

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A big thank you to the fab Kiera Cass and Harper Teen!!

4 Responses to “If Kiera Cass Were Queen for a Day…”

  1. Thanks for the laughs this morning Kiera. I can’t wait to read The Selection! If I were queen for a day I would wear the gorgeous dress on the cover everywhere, especially on a horse. Can’t you picture the blue fabric flowing behind a white stallion? Beautiful.

  2. Candice says:

    So cute! Can’t wait to read this one!

  3. stacy says:

    I’m totally in love with Jay’s collection, if I were queen I would totally wear them!!!

    @candice – it’s a good book!!!

  4. Criss says:

    You were probably kidding about the baby carrier thing… can’t help you with a day surrogate, but once you pop that baby out, you are aware of the wonderful world of babywearing, right? Wraps and slings come in all sorts of beautiful colors and patterns, and the best part is they leave your hands free to write more books (or sign the ones you’ve already got… or count the gobs of money you’re making off the TV rights… :P )

    Sorry, I just had to plug babywearing. Back to your regularly-scheduled programming, while I stalk you (in totally non-creepy ways) on Twitter and goodreads… :)

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