What does a redhead, a piano and Mardi Gras have in common?

Today we have the wonderful Stephanie Lawton with us answering all questions about her YA debut, WANT – which is a delicious and sensuous look into the world of a piano prodigy, Julianne. We hold nothing back, and neither does Stephanie.

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4 Responses to “What does a redhead, a piano and Mardi Gras have in common?”

  1. Naj says:

    Total love! Want is an amazing book. Now, I want to read Aftertaste! It’s just sitting in my kindle, looking pretty. :D

    Wonderful blog ladies! You have a new follower. <3

  2. Liza Wiemer says:

    Ladies, another fantastic interview. I’m really intrigued. Now I so WANT to read WANT! Thanks. :D

  3. stacy says:

    @Nan – you’re awesome.

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