BabyLit: A Christmas Carol and Dracula by Jennifer Adams

That’s right folks. There is a series of books based on classic literature aimed at toddlers, and they are simply brilliant.

Jennifer Adams and Alison Oliver have teamed up and created books that are beautiful, whimsy and accurate. They’re a must for any book aficionado who wants to expand their toddler’s pallet from just mere counting and color primers to those that also include elements from great classics. (Heck, if you have a paper due on one of these classics they’re a great starting point for they hit all the high notes of the original work.)

Another great thing about these books are that most are also available as interactive ibooks from ibookstore on the ipad. There is animation, music and simple games.  A must buy.

Recent editions to the series include,  Dracula and A Christmas Carol.

Who new Dracula could be so cute?

In this counting primer we see simple illustrations that reflect the original dark and mysterious classic, from white wolves to Dracula’s castle. Never fear, Mina and Lucy are included as well as Dr. Van Helsing and the rest. Toddlers will have fun counting the “heroes,” “friends,” and “rats.” The details are spot on, and make this a great addition to any library.



I love all things Christmas and when I got A Christmas Carol in the mail I dove right into it.

In yet another whimsical book for young children, Jennifer Adams introduces Dickens in a lovely way to our dear children. If you want a Christmas book for your little tyke that shows what a good mother you are (ummm… you are the only one introducing your little one to the classics) pick up this one. It’s a beautiful first telling of Dickens with pictures that are to die for!



Other titles: Jane Eyre, Alice in Wonderland, Pride & Prejudice, and Romeo & Juliet.




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