Review + Interview with A.D. Robertson, author of Captive

captive by ad robertsonCaptive: The Forbidden Side of Nightshade by A.D. Robertson
October 22, 2013 by Dutton Adult

Captive by A.D. Robertson is an adult spin-off of Andrea Cremer’s Nightshade series. Y’all, let me say that again, Captive is an adult spin-off. Like adult, adult.

Captive starts with a bang, the prologue and first few chapters are stellar and I mean stellar. The world-building and character development are astounding. Having not read the Nightshade series I was afraid I would be lost, the world seems very detailed and complicated. Thankfully that did not happen, Robertson does a great job getting everyone clear on her fantastic world.

However as much as I loved the world and characters, once Sarah was held captive, the world stood still so Sarah and Tristan could fall in love. Yes, I am totally aware that this is a romance book and that’s how romance books typically go. I was just hoping for more dynamic interactions with other characters and other plot lines, and not so Sarah and Tristan focused. Hey, a girl can dream, right?

Sarah is the star of this book, she is tough, smart, knows what she wants and is adaptable (to a point). She took being prisoner with grace, and totally was the mastermind behind her escape. Enter Tristan. He has been stuck on the island for years, and while he may have dreamt of escaping he never actually put it into motion. He seemed to let life happen to him instead of making his life his own. So for me, he fizzled.

However, together these two lit up the pages. Can you say H O T?  Really  H O T?

If you are a fan of Andre Cremer, or just a fan of paranormal romance this is  a must read for you!!

XOXO, Stacy

Quick two-question interview with A.D. Robertson:

Captive is very different from your YA Nightshade series, although it is set in the same paranormal world. Were there particular characters you always thought would be fun to explore in another series, or did you realize you just weren’t finished with the Nightshade universe? 
I often describe writing as daydreaming on a page and not all of the daydreams make it into the novels but are vital to the back story and plot of what does get published. I knew the stories of the Forbidden Nightshade series without a clue that I’d be given the chance to publish them – they are pivotal to the events of my YA books – but I was also aware that these were darker stories that featured adult characters and subject matter more suited to a mature audience. Writing as A.D. Robertson, I’m able to create these characters and share their journeys; I’m still a little stunned that it’s happened. I couldn’t be happier that it is!

How does your background as a history professor influence your work? Although the Nightshade universe is filled with supernatural creatures and fantasy, do you do any hard research for your novels, particularly Captive?
Writing brings together two of my passions: history and fantasy and my Ph.D. informs my work in many ways. Sometimes it’s through literal research; in the prequels to the Nightshade series, Rift and Rise, I did a lot of research on religion and politics of the early 15th century and on the Knights Templar. For Captive I didn’t have to do much historical research, but I did do quite a bit of geographical research about Ireland. I think the greatest influence of being an historian is the way I conceive of my novels – I think of them as a web of relationships, of choices that lead to consequences that in turn have a ripple effect on the plot and characters. I’m also fascinated by origin stories.

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  1. Sarah says:

    Holy COW I didn’t know this was coming-I’M SO EXCITED! Way to have the inside scoop!!!

    Sarah :)

  2. K. Elizabeth says:

    I’ve never read anything by A.D. Robertson, but after reading this review I’ve added this book to my TBR list.

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