Mini Audio Reviews: I’m with Stupid and The Power of One

by Sarah

So I requested two audiobooks recently from Brilliance Audio and both have been quite interesting.  They are definitely more on the “boy” side of the YA spectrum we like to cover for all of those teens and adults who want neither romance nor paranormal adventures.


i'mwithstupidFirst, I’m with Stupid, by  Geoff Herbach, is a great realistic book about a football star whose dad committed suicide long ago, and he is finally dealing with his emotions while he makes a decision regarding where he will go to college.  Dysfunctional families, drinking, stupid behaviors redeemed-this book has it all.  I essentially want to recommend it to guys who are struggling with their own family or sports drama and need to live vicariously through someone making dumb mistakes so that they don’t have to in the future.  I love that the narrator is Nick Podehl, who made me laugh all the way through Swim the Fly and the even funnier sequel, Beat the Band,  by Don Calame.  He again does the whole range of guy emotions throughout the book.  I didn’t realize that I was reading the last in the “Stupid Fast” trilogy, but I didn’t feel like I had to read the other books in order to get this one.


powerofoneThe second audiobook, The Power of One, by Bryce Courtenay, I had listened to long, long ago as many of our school’s seniors read it as part of our World Literature curriculum.  I had loved the book, but found it’s 500+ pages (on audio, that’s 21 hours), a bit cumbersome for many high school students.  The “Young Readers” adaptation is only 9 hours, and while I usually frown upon abridgments, this audio version is awesome.  We still get the main story: young Peekay sees the racism of Apartheid-era South Africa and overcomes many hurtles to become a boxing champion. The finale in the novel never ceases to make me smile with its just ending! Plus, the narrator, Humphrey Bower, is superb -bringing Peekay’s emotions to life with an awesome South African accent.  If you want a great underdog story-this one is for you!

Both audiobooks I received from Billiance Audio.

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  1. I read the unabridged The Power of One in college, and though it was a bit horrifying in places, I’m so glad I read it. It’s one of those books that stick with you. I agree, it’s a great underdog story. I’m curious as to what the young reader adaptation left out. Cutting the story from 21 hours to 9 hours is pretty significant. Wouldn’t it feel like a whole different novel at that point?

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