Review: Not a Drop to Drink & Love Disguised

So Ohio authors (along with TX authors) ROCK!  I wanted to share two of my recent favorite books from ladies living in our heart shaped state!

notadroptodrinkI recently met Mindy McGinnis at my local bookstore (Fundamentals)-author of the brand new Not a Drop to Drink.  The novel is AWESOME, and I’m so excited that she is a librarian in Central Ohio -just like Amanda and myself!

Not a Drop to Drink is definitely an edge-of-your-seat action thrill ride.  Essentially, the problem is that in the not-to-distant future, potable water has become scarce,  so Lynn and her mother ferociously guard their family farm while purifying water and completing the rest of the back-breaking farm chores.  When disaster strikes and Lynn is left on her own with a hostile bunch of men encroaching on her territory, she has to make up new rules to ensure her survival.

Finally a great dystopian novel that can stand on its own (no trilogy needed!).

lovedisguisedAuthor Lisa Klein and I have become friends in the last few years (squeal!).  I am a huge Shakespeare fan, but often feel as if Shakespeare’s women do not get to speak up for themselves enough.  Klein, both a former OSU Shakespeare professor and a like-minded woman, has previously written  YA retellings of Shakespeare novels from female points of view as well as other great historical fiction.  Her first, and still my favorite of the Shakespeare retellings, is Ophelia,the story of Hamlet from Ophelia’s “I’m not crazy” perspective.  She has also written MacBeth’s Daugher (fascinating!), and her new novel, Love Disguised, is told from the point of view of Shakespeare himself during his early years escaping to London from Stratford.

Klein has done an amazing job of researching the era and weaves in the plot of Twelfth Night as well as answers some of the questions surrounding the ‘dark lady sonnets.’  However, you can be a Shakespeare novice and still fully appreciate the story ; the novel is hilarious and fascinating with great plot twists and a satisfying ending.  Thanks Lisa for writing yet another great YA, Shakespeare-related, historical fiction novel!

Note: I received an ARC of Not a Drop to Drink from my local bookseller who was sent the ARC from the publisher.  I received an ARC of Love Disguised from the publisher.


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  1. Shari Green says:

    How did I not know about these Shakespeare retellings? They sound fantastic! :)

  2. They are sooo great-get excited for some awesome books Shari!!

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